My Dream Job

Hey! Welcome back to The Versher Post. If you don’t know already I am a student at The University of Alabama. I currently major in news media and my minor is political science.

My dream job is to become a journalist. I am not sure on where and with who just yet.

I enjoy writing and also being in front of the camera so I would not mind becoming a news anchor as well.

My goal was to become a lawyer and go to law school after I graduate from Alabama but journalism is my passion now.

I will have more on this dream job after this semester to share with you.

Today is my first day back at school and I can’t wait for what this semester will bring.

I hope you enjoy this for now. If you haven’t already follow me and share!

13 thoughts on “My Dream Job

  1. Good luck on your next semester. I went to school for journalism and loved all my classes. I also got some articles I wrote published in the school newspaper. But after taking the journalism classes and excelling, I decided I preferred to write what I wanted to write without deadlines. I think wanting to be a journalist is great and I wish you all the best.

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