What’s In My Bag: Backpack Edition

Hey there! Today I am going to share with you what is in my backpack every day when I go to class.

I carry more than necessary with me everyday because unlike a lot of people in the world, I love to stay organized.

I carry around two planners. I have one for my school work and one for my blog.

I also carry a folder which has important papers I may need to reference or turn in.

I also have my very lovely pencil pouch. It says “Squeeze the Day.” I bought it from Charming Charlie (#oneofmyfavoritestores).

I bring my laptop with me everywhere. I keep it in a sleeve, my uncle Angel got for me for Christmas.

I have a few little knick knack items I carry with me every day as well.

I keep my phone charger and laptop charger, along with a KIND bar and an extra pen just in case.

Hope you enjoyed what’s inside my backpack! Make sure if you haven’t already follow The Versher Post on social media!


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