Life Update

Hey everyone! I’m back!

So much has happened in these past few months!

As you know I joined Sigma Kappa in the fall semester and have loved every second of it. I have met so many amazing people and we have had the best time of our lives. *inserts so many cute pictures with so many gorgeous girls*

We had our spring bid day!
We had our parent’s weekend!

We were installed as chapter of Sigma Kappa!
We had a Welcome to the Jungle swap!
We had our formal!
We had our last date party! #RollTide

I have also had a recent relationship status change. Due to unseen, unfortunate circumstances, I have decided to become a newly empowered woman. I made this decision for myself and I have been living my best life.


I also started to eat healthier and work out regularly and currently have already lost 8 pounds. I have been feeling the best I have ever been.


I still work at DSW Designer Shoe Warehouse and love it so much! My one year is coming up in June and I can really say I am happy to be there for almost a year now!

I am still a news media major in school and currently working on a documentary for one of my classes.

I hope you enjoyed this life update and I will be back regularly from now on!


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