The Versher Post Not-So-Secret Diary of Traveling: June Edition

Hello! Welcome back for part 3 of my series. This series will be covering my month of June. It was quite eventful so I hope you enjoy. Check out the video below:

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I spent my first week or so of June in Birmingham, Alabama. As most of you know I attend the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and I was in Birmingham visiting a friend.

During my stay, a ton of events went on in our country. Protests began everywhere after the murder of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and many cities began support for the Black Lives Matter movement. In Birmingham, I visited two murals painted in downtown.

After my trip, I came back home to Vegas and got to spend time with a group of friends that came to visit. Now it is time for the big reveal.

I would like to formally introduce everyone to my girlfriend Bria. She has been the best thing to ever happen to me. Before her trip to Vegas, we decided that we did not want to continue long distance and to choose a destination where we could live together. I went back to New York with her to see how I would like it and we ultimately decided on Las Vegas. I did love New York but it’s expensive.

I traveled back to Vegas and we went to go get my sister from California. She drove all the way back from Georgia with her family.

I went out on a brunch date with Maiya to catch up on all of my adventures. I became a Knicks fan but only because Bria and me decided she has to get an Alabama shirt.

My sister and I went on a hike to see a view of the city and watch the sunset. The sunset was totally worth the sweat.

I hope you all enjoyed my video of June. Stay tuned for July and see you all soon!


One thought on “The Versher Post Not-So-Secret Diary of Traveling: June Edition

  1. Terrell LaCour

    Hi Bria. It is nice to meet you.

    Vinchelle, I am excited to know she is the best thing that happened to you. Happy for you!!


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