The Versher Post’s Not-So-Secret Diary of Traveling: July Edition

Hello and welcome back to part 4 of my series! I’m so glad we made it through the month of July. This edition will have more adventures and fun times. I can’t wait for you all to see how my month went. Well here goes nothing:

I included some selfies from July because my skin was radiating this month for sure.

My family decided to go visit Grand Canyon West. It is about two hours from Las Vegas. They kept us socially distanced and the sights were amazing. I loved everything about this outing.

I went to Zero Degrees and got this cool San Francisco water bottle. I want to go to San Fran with my girlfriend whenever she decides we can make the drive.

I included this picture of my sister because she was getting annoyed with me but once I fed her she was fine.

I included a countdown picture of when my girlfriend was moving to Vegas. She’s been here almost a month now.

I treated myself to a mani pedi and got all the gifts together for my girlfriend’s 21st birthday. I finally saw her at the airport and my heart was complete.

Me and Bria did a paint and sip and got a succulent. His name is Pacha. We went our somewhat first date to Brio but my sister was there.

The month of July has been eventful and August has been great. Thank you guys for tuning in to my summer. My next few posts will be school related as I’m starting back this week.

Hope you enjoyed my series and see you soon!


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