The Versher Post’s Not-So-Secret Diary of Traveling: April Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to my new series! I am so excited for you all to see where I’ve been these past few months. I will be introducing you to a few new people in my life as well as how the coronavirus has effected me.

To start off each series, I am going to include a video of all the photos and videos from the month. I used an app named Quik to edit my photos and videos. I love this app and it’s super easy to use. So here goes nothing:

Made with Quik

So I hope you enjoyed my video! Now I am going to write some context on all of the video’s content.

During the start of April I was still in school. Everything was moved online and I had projects due back to back. My biggest success was the package I completed for my introduction to reporting class. The package was about the new normal because of COVID-19.

I started working on this new app called Quik. It is really cool to put pictures and videos and add music and text. It’s really easy to use and have a wide selection of music to choose from.

I created my Life Update 2020 for The Versher Post. You can check it out here:

The next picture is about my sister and I. We rocked the same outfit one day and we loved to twin.

The next few pictures and videos are from a day trip to the Hoover Dam. We went to the Hoover Dam and I have footage from Boulder City. We also went to the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

My dad made a seafood boil the next night for dinner and I included a run to Starbucks with my sister for our little bit of time out of the house.

Hope you enjoyed reading about my April and my mini day trip.


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