Update and An Announcement of a Series

Hello everyone!

This is a long overdue post and I am so excited to announce my plans for the next few blog posts. I am still residing in Las Vegas, Nevada since quarantine started and I plan on staying for my fall semester of school.

My future plans for this blog is to catch you guys up on what has been happening this summer so far during quarantine and up to now. I have been going on a few road trips with social distancing of course. And I have also been able to meet some real cool people and my future attendees to my wedding.

The series will be called The Versher Post’s Not-So-Secret Diary of Traveling. The series will include pictures and videos of all of my destinations I have been to from April to July. It will be a 4 part series, one for each month I traveled.

I hope you enjoy the series and I will see you soon!


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