The Versher Post’s Not-So-Secret Diary of Traveling: May Edition

Hello! Welcome back to part 2 of my series. We are now moving along to the month of May. Check out the Quik video I made below:

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Hope you all enjoyed the video! I am going to give a little background on how my May went.

On 4/20/20, I met someone new. She has been amazing and I never knew how much I needed someone like her in my life. I’m not going to brag too much about her in this edition because she has a special place in June.

My dad, sister and I went on a couple Starbucks runs before going to look at new houses to live in. We have been looking for a new area and a fresh start to me and my sister’s new Vegas living.

Next I finally got to meet my new friend I met in Vegas. Her name is Maiya and we have done so much together since our first day meeting. She’s super sweet and always brings me milkshakes from Jack in the Box. Let me tell you guys, strawberry Oreo is the best milkshake ever. She also loves making Tik Toks so it’s a match made in heaven.

Next we have Bella. Bella is the cutest little munchkin. She loves talking to our Google Home and even has a magic spoon. Whenever Bella wants to learn how to read we will be practicing with the content of The Versher Post.

I included some selfies in my video. The first two were from my dad’s birthday party. I decided to actually put makeup on and we had a delicious cake.

After much decision, me and my sister decided to travel across the country on a road trip. Her mom and her grandma were going to be the designated drivers. They were going to go all the way to Georgia for a graduation and I was going to stay in Alabama with a friend.

It took us 2 days to travel and we only had to sleep in a hotel once. The trip wasn’t as bad as I thought but I was really excited to be out of the car.

While in Alabama, I was helping a friend who recently tore their achilles. I went on a hike with my best friend Viv. We went to Red Mountain Park and the view at the top was amazing. I enjoyed getting out of the house and having some girl time with her.

I decided to include a picture of me at the end. I have been on a fitness journey since March 2019. At that time, I was not happy with my weight and I knew I had to get my eating and exercise habits in check. I went to the gym and watched what I ate. I moderated on my cheat foods and eventually lost 50 pounds. I am not completely to my goal yet but I’m super close and hope to complete and maintain it by October.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my May and stay tuned for June!


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